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We work with real estate investment businesses to grow faster, by providing them with the guidance and expertise they need to establish healthy systems, implement more efficient processes, and trust their teams so they can build strategic partnerships and expand into new markets, all while enjoying their family and well-being. We want you to live in your Zone of Genius, truly alive doing what you love!

Let's build a turn-key operation to buy back your time in 90 days or less as a real estate investor business owner...

Founder, Christine Diamond

Helping REI Business Owners

GROW to their Next Levels

At Harvest Consulting, I promise to partner with you in building a healthy growing business, and to advocate for your long-term success. I deeply care about the time, energy and life you've invested into building your business, and am happy to guide you through the process of stabilizing it with the essential systems and processes necessary to GROW your team and business to the next level.

Why work with Christine Diamond?

💎 Significantly contributed to the growth of over 40 six-figure and seven-figure businesses

💎 Managed a $5M Freddie Mac refinance for a 52-unit multifamily property, returning investors' money within three months

💎 Led the establishment of investor relations processes for Upgrade Partners Capital, raising $11M in their first deal

💎 Co-authored the book "Inspired Creators: Embracing the Magic of Your Soul Mission" with thought leaders like Lorie Ladd

💎 Spoke at the Get Good At Business summit on the Creative Life FLOW, emphasizing well-being while growing your business to over 400 business owners and entrepreneurs...

Harvest Consulting's Services

Business Health Audits

Are you stressed and overwhelmed with your business, but you have NO IDEA where to start?​ Then our Business Health Audit is for you! We will complete an overall audit of your business operations and give you action steps on how to remove the biggest "weeds" in your business.

The Ultimate Real Estate GROWTH Engine 90 Day program

If I offered to teach you how to install systems and processes that will enable you to scale your real estate investment business and build a reliable and competent team…

Without staying up until the wee hours of the morning to accommodate the extra work it takes to scale…

Without sacrificing your physical and mental health and constantly battling the feeling of burnout…

Without missing out on precious moments with your loved ones…All within 90 days…

Would you take me up on that offer?

Essential System Guidebooks

The Harvest Guidebooks are your ultimate companions on the journey to business success! Packed with practical tips, actionable insights, and proven strategies, these guidebooks are designed to help you optimize your operations, boost productivity, and achieve sustainable growth.

Think of them as your personal business roadmap, offering step-by-step guidance and handy tools tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're looking to streamline processes, increase efficiency, or scale up, the Harvest Guidebooks are here to make your business journey smoother and more enjoyable. Let's turn your business dreams into reality together!

Ongoing Business Guidance for our client-partners

Welcome to the Business Guidance Program, where personalized coaching and mentorship meet a warm, supportive touch! This program is perfect for business owners who crave expert advice and a bit of friendly accountability to navigate the exciting, sometimes challenging world of business growth.

With regular consultations and strategic planning sessions, we’re here to help you implement effective strategies, maximize efficiency, and boost profitability—all while having a bit of fun along the way. Partner with us at Harvest Consulting, and let's embark on this journey together to make your business thrive and shine like never before!




Results speak loudly: Hired, matched, onboarded and trained Executive Virtual Assistant, saved over 50+ hours per month. Inbox Zero from 7K messages backlogged from 2 years done in 1 weekend, resulting in cleared up headspace, less decision fatigue, more connections made, more deals closed.

Zasha Smith,

Rise Capital Investments


“It's my job to show up and follow through on what we talked about. The definition of a good partner is someone you can trust and give your stuff to. I really don't have that in any area of my life except for you. Thanks Christine! If setting up systems, and getting things organized is what you need. Knowing how to even think about these areas is something that someone struggles with 100% choose Christine and Harvest Consulting. 100%”

Candace Horne,

Moondance Ventures


What does a business management consultant do?

A business management consultant is a professional who provides expert advice and guidance to organizations to help them improve their overall performance and efficiency. They analyze the company's operations, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies and solutions to address specific challenges. Consultants often work with businesses on a wide range of issues, including process optimization, cost reduction, strategic planning, and organizational development.

How much do business management consultants typically charge for their services?

The fees for business management consultants can vary widely based on several factors, including the consultant's experience, the complexity of the project, and the geographic location. Typically, consultants charge either an hourly rate, a daily rate, or a project-based fee. Hourly rates can range from $100 to $300 or more per hour, while daily rates can range from $1,000 to $3,000 or more per day. Project-based fees will depend on the scope of work and can range from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars for larger, more complex projects. It's essential to discuss fees and payment structures with potential consultants during the initial consultation.

How long does it take for a business management consultant to deliver results or recommendations?

The timeline for seeing results or receiving recommendations from a business management consultant can vary depending on the nature and scope of the project. Some smaller projects may yield results in a matter of weeks, while larger, more complex initiatives may take several months to complete. The consultant should provide you with a clear project timeline and milestones during the initial engagement. It's important to note that the speed of results can also depend on how quickly the organization can implement the consultant's recommendations.

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