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In the weekly Accountability Cohort, you’ll receive support, guidance, and masterminding opportunities to build effective systems that help you feel less scattered and more stable.

The Cohort and our key systems help you achieve inbox zero, live your ideal workweek, organize your cloud storage, and set up effective project management tools — all so you can have better experiences for your customers, team, and life.

You'll Receive:

  • Weekly One Hour Zoom Accountability Sessions with the Cohort​​​​

  • Each Individual Reports Progress & Questions

  • Metrics Scorecard (For Weekly Reporting at Session)

  • Weekly Action Step Assigned

  • Follow up and group conversations in Slack 

  • A Group of Motivated Business Owners with Vast Knowledge

  • Quarterly Celebration Meeting

  • Video tutorials on system implementations

  • Key role job descriptions

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

  • A list of trusted virtual assistant agencies

  • And much much more

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