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You've fired your boss and hired yourself. You are now working for yourself. What kind of manager are you?

Are you the best boss you've ever had, or a strict taskmaster who has you working day and night?

Here at Harvest, we understand why you went into business;

it was to thrive, to do something you love, to follow your passion, and solve a need in our society.

We have a robust team with 10+ years of experience in

Office management, Project management, Team management,

and creating structures for the business to run smoothly

When you work with Harvest, you are no longer alone.

Be kind to yourself, and take a load off your shoulders, pick up a chair, rest your feet and let's chat

We want you to leave each meeting with more; clarity, time freedom, and structure, fully confident in your ability to delegate.

Plant the Right Seeds


Join our Accountability Cohort where once a week Business Owners from all different industries meet together to take action on cleaning up their business operations.​


  • Weekly One Hour Zoom Accountability Session with Cohort​​​​

  • Each Individual Reports Progress & Questions

  • Metrics Scorecard (For Weekly Reporting at Session)

  • Weekly Action Step Assigned

  • Follow up and group conversations in Slack 

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group

  • A Group of Motivated Business Owners with Vast Knowledge

  • Quarterly Celebration Meeting

Streamline Your Crops


You know that your business needs to run more efficiently and you haven't taken the time to address your systems. You don't have the time to do it all on your own. It's time to start delegating and offloading to others. We will set up the structure for your business to run more efficiently. This will bring you the peace of mind you have been craving in order to confidently grow. Pull up a seat and let's get started today!




  • A Monthly Meeting with your Consultant

  • Work Week Text Messaging and/or Slack Support

  • Assigned two Harvest team members: Consultant & Assistant 

  • Twenty Hours of Harvest Team Work for You

  • Access to Harvest Consulting's courses and programs

  • Fast Track: Estimated Full Results in 3-4 Months

 "I really appreciate how action-oriented they are at Harvest because at the end of every meeting there were very clear steps I needed to do before the next meeting" 

Bailey Rinderknecht
Owner of 3BR Accounting



Let's address how you manage your life and your business, and move you from surviving to thriving!


You want your team to be empowered and autonomous. They shift from unsure to confident in their role and expectations. 


Your systems and procedures move from a disorganized pile to a nice and tidy structure. It's easy to know where things are and how each process should function.

Still unsure where to start?

Then the Business Health Check In is for YOU!

Business Health Check In

Click here to learn more



Let me start off by saying that I am not the most organized person, we all have strengths and weaknesses.


We as business owners get so used to doing everything by ourselves, we are used to wearing all of the hats. We get to a place where we want to remove some of the stress on our shoulders but worry about how we can trust someone else to do it as well as we would ourselves.


After jumping in with both feet to work with Harvest, and letting go of some of those fears, our company has been so much better off! Our wonderful team has been placed in roles and assigned tasks that fit their strengths and are now feeling more fulfilled in their positions at Ladies in Action."

Diana Grosbeck
Co-Founder of Ladies in Action

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