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Adventure Highlight - Ice Climbing

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

You don’t need to travel far when you live in Utah County to feel like you’re on an adventure vacation.

Our adventure highlight this month is in the snowy trails of Provo Canyon. Many locals frequent the picturesque landmark, Bridal Veil Falls, as they wind up the canyon roads.

However, many may not realize that on the mountain to the south of the falls is a trail called "Stairway to Heaven" where you can scramble up and ice pick your way to the top of a frozen waterfall!

It was an incredible team effort from three local organizations that made it possible for about 15 local women to brave these icy cliffs and learn an exciting new skill.

Our local rock climbing equipment store Mountain Works provided the outdoor gear.

The adventure guide team at 12 Fingers Adventures led two separate groups to the top of the falls.

And where did all of these women come from? MtMamas, a nonprofit organization, that offers outdoor sports events for Utah mamas across the state.

Together all of these organizations made it possible for Christine, our Business Operations Consultant, to turn her avid rock climbing skills into a daring ice climbing machine. Here she is up a frozen cliff.

Through the power of organization, collaboration, sheer will and determination, great accomplishments can be achieved.

BOOK A CALL to see your “Wildest dreams come true!” - Pedro (Napoleon Dynamite)

What adventures do you want to try?

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