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Clean House Tools: Reactive vs. Proactive

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

It’s another day and you wake up to your alarm,

you roll out of bed,

put clothes on,

shove some food in your face,

open your computer,

check your calendar to know what was expected of you

and begin the day.

One expectation after another from other people and other minds directing your every move.


You lead your day by waking up with enough time to ease into the day.

You move, feed and fuel yourself


eat a healthy meal,

and read some uplifting messages.

You look at your work week and other responsibilities.

And then decide what is the most important projects based on your goals and priorities.

You start your day with clear intention.

This quick comparison of two contrasting mornings, helps to highlight the stark difference between living a life that is REACTIVE vs. PROACTIVE. Which day do you desire?

Do you want to have a more intentional morning? BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL.

At Harvest we offer a new service to eager small business owners who want to put out less “fires” and do more “fire prevention”.

After all, Smokey the Bear was right, “Only YOU can prevent forest fires”...

Thanks Smokey, I'll take it from here.

Do you remember the old children’s story, “The Tortoise and the Hare”?

The Tortoise's motto was “Slow and steady wins the race”. To me this means when you give yourself more time for thoughtful planning, you lead a more intentional life and business. You lead your life rather than it running you.

If you were going to train for a Marathon or a 5k, you would set aside regular training time to prepare for the future race. You may train with a group or a fitness trainer who help keep you on track with your vision.

Similar to a physical race, our businesses require intentional plans and a clear vision. Not only do you want to know where you are headed, but you also want to bring team mates with you so you don’t have to ‘run the race alone’. Think of running your business like a relay race. You can cover a much longer distance when you are able to delegate, and plan breaks into the race.

Be proactive and block out time on your calendar to plan your business.

Do it right now. Don’t wait.

Did you do it?


Awesome! Now you are one step closer to being proactive vs. reactive with your life and business.

Would you like assistance with your business operations and systems?

Book a call with Christine, our Business Operations Consultant. We offer a two hour business audit to identify the biggest holes in your business operations, and wecreate a game plan to address them, one step at a time. ​​

For those of you who want to start with a smaller step and simply organize yourself as the leader, use our FREE HARVEST CLEAN HOUSE CHECKLIST, found on the home page of our website.

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