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Exciting improvements are happening to our local resource, Utah Lake

Utah Lake has been of central importance to local residents since pioneers settled in the valley. For generations, the lake has been a gathering place, a treasured source of food and resources, and a home for millions of plants and animals.

However, it has not been treated with the necessary care or management for some time. There is room for drastic improvement, and we are happy to know that many groups have put their minds to work to figure out some beneficial solutions.

One of our Harvest owners, Steve Diamond, was running for Utah County Commissioner and showcased how important Utah Lake is to our local environment.

He sailed across the lake and highlights some of the improvement opportunities

It is the heart, the gem of our state.

Watch the video to learn more!

Let’s improve our local communities one small business at a time.

Remember we at Harvest believe:

¨All people can be wealthy as they follow the Law of the Harvest ¨

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