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“Hands On” Experience

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

You've fired your boss and hired yourself.

You are now working for yourself. What kind of manager are you? Are you the best boss you've ever had, or a strict taskmaster who has you working day and night?

Here at Harvest, we understand why you went into business; it was to thrive, to do something you love, to follow your passion, and solve a need in our society.

We have a robust team with 10+ years of experience in Office management, Project management, Team management, and creating structures for the business to run smoothly.

When you work with Harvest, you are no longer alone. Be kind to yourself, and take a load off your shoulders, pick up a chair, rest your feet and let's chat.

“Book a Consultation”

We want you to leave each meeting with more; clarity, time freedom, and structure, fully confident in your ability to delegate.

Our wonderful client Bailey with 3BR Accounting shares what it’s like to work with Harvest.

What has been something that has pleasantly surprised you

when working with a consultant?

“I had quite a few issues and roadblocks that I wasn't quite getting past, that I needed help with, and you were able to help me take a step back and see where the root problem actually was.

… As entrepreneurs we all have a million things to do and sometimes we don’t see the trees within the forest, we are just so focused on the forest, and you were there to say, ‘Let’s start on this tree and then we will be able to get to the whole forest easier and more quickly.’ And that was so helpful!”

Click here to watch the video.

What was the most important contribution to your business?

“You were able to help me build up the systems and structures I needed to stay organized from the beginning and I can see how it would be super helpful no matter what point you are at in your business coming to Harvest… You really help set up that solid foundation that I definitely needed. And I feel like going forward I am set up for success”.

Click here to watch the video

Is there anything else you enjoyed about our services?

“Yeah, I really appreciated how action oriented you are… It wasn’t just like, ‘Here’s some information, go get it.’ It’s like, ‘Here are some action steps, here is exactly what we need to do, here’s why.’ ... For example with my vision statement, we had that as an action item for quite a few weeks. I would work on it, and then get stuck. I would work on it, and then get stuck. But I knew at every meeting you would be there. Like you said, you were that sounding board. You helped pull ideas out of me, and that was extremely helpful.

“As entrepreneurs and business owners, in general, we are pretty motivated people, and pretty smart people, and we think we can just take an idea and run. We can if we have the time, but we never have the time. I would rather pay for your time to make sure that I am following through on the action items, and I am learning directly from you.

Click here to watch the video.

“There were so many nuggets of gold that you were able to provide in those one on one meetings. Every business is so different and every business runs everything so differently, it was great you being able to sit down with me and get a glimpse of my personality and how I run things.

I feel like you were able to help me customize a plan that was very specific to me.

“Thank you… I just feel like going forward I am so much more focused and ready.

I’m just ready to scale and take on new things because of your help.”

To connect with Bailey with 3BR Accounting, say hi on Linkedin here:

"We are so excited for her and grateful for the work that we have done together.

Wishing her the very best!

Join us at Harvest and GROW your WEALTH!

“Book a Consultation”

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