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Join Harvest & our Partners for upcoming Real Estate Projects!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

You have just entered a multifamily apartment building and walked through the door of the first apartment. The kitchen wall is being torn out and drywall lies on the floor. The new open concept design is being built for the future residents who will happily enjoy the space while cooking family dinner together.

Do you want to be a part of creating more affordable housing?

Then join our community here at Harvest.

We have strategically partnered with Asset Managers, and other Capital Management specialists to grow your capital into a wealth generating asset for you, and in turn convert outdated communities into safe, comfortable spaces for families who need a place to call home.

Who has Harvest partnered with specifically?

The group is called UPC, and they are a growing fund who raise the capital necessary to deploy the money and purchase these multifamily assets. They have operator sponsors who will manage the entire project from beginning to end.

You may be thinking, “What is my role? How do I get to be a part of this?”

  • By investing into an organized pool of money run by highly skilled managers that is ready to invest quickly, gives everyone who participates a large competitive advantage with speed of acquisition in the marketplace.

  • Leverage our fund’s strengths: UPC focuses on raising money to invest into appreciating and cash flow generating assets while partnering with highly experienced and successful operators who will provide our investors with maximum returns.

  • Access to an increased amount of on/off market deals through vetted operator partners in multiple markets throughout our country.

  • Optimize your investment risk & returns by investing across a portfolio of multi-family assets vs investing in one multifamily asset.

UPC provides our investors the ability to be 100% passive and the trust that their investment will be highly maximized for them.

Join us for our next Investor Intro Webinar.

Contact Christine to get an invite!

If you are interested in partnering with Harvest on real estate properties, please email

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