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Our Niche, and Project Criteria

Have you ever desired to own land, a home or apartments? Have you thought of generating residual income by providing housing to renters? Many people desire to be involved in owning a wealth generating asset like Real Estate, and understand the value of having an appreciating property.

Unfortunately there is a large learning curve and the financial barrier to entry. To purchase a multifamily rental property it is usually a couple million dollars or more. However, when you partner with others who have a portion of the necessary funds, the construction crew is lined up and a solid business plan in place, then the doors begin to open up for you.

Harvest has asset management teams waiting and ready to help manage the project, we have a step by step process to ensure that capital partners, general partners and managing partners are all regularly updated on the progress of the project.

Real estate has always been the haven for wealthy people to grow their wealth. Because it is a tangible asset that creates value for the renters, you get the residual income and amplify the power of your capital. Essentially, instead of working for money, your money works for you.

What are the benefits of acquiring a multifamily wealth generating asset?

  • It is real property, an asset can grow in equity and in revenue generation

    • Ex. When you buy a TV, or a commodity like corn the value goes down as time goes on. However with real estate the value increases.

    • Ex. When you improve the quality of the property for the end user, then you can charge more rent and your property value appreciates.

  • Monthly cash flow is generated passively

    • Ex. Rent, pet rent, HOA fees, Utility packages, etc.

  • Defer taxes to a later date again and again as you move it to another property

    • Estimated around 15-20% savings in taxes, that is yours to use.

What type of properties do we look for?

  • We look for commercial properties with 10+ units

  • Preferred counties: Utah, Salt Lake, Weber, Davis

  • Option to sell off condos to create more affordable housing

  • Positive connection to work with local city planners and council

Who is behind Harvest?

Steve & Christine are a father - daughter duo whose skills and talents synergize well together. They see that a house or apartment is where a family makes a home. Harvest cares not only about the “numbers making sense” but also wants the right people in the right positions. It’s important that the following is sound: the Numbers, the People, and the Plan.

A few other key team members we work with help in the following ways: Investor Relations, Acquisition Manager and Asset Managers.

Steve envisions the properties’ potential. He has over 20 years of expertise in landscape and construction. He has purchased homes with no money down and renovated several properties. His top priority when considering a new investment is to follow a standard formula. The numbers determine if the property will be profitable. Steve is a visionary and can see the potential a property has. The transformation not only makes the place more livable, but it also improves and updates our communities here in Utah County and Salt Lake County.

Christine takes this vision and creates a path from dream to reality. She sets up the structure so that everyone involved in the process knows “What’s Next?” Christine is our Business Operations expert. Christine is fascinated with transforming broken into beautiful through project management.

She renovated her personal home and rental property and continues to innovate and create more efficient business processes. Christine highly values the people in each business relationship.

Harvest’s goal is to create more affordable housing for the communities in Utah.

JOIN our exciting TEAM by filling out this simple form. Then we will set up a meeting to discover the best way to work together.

Hears to a fruitful HARVEST!

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