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The best solution to enhance your business’s team efforts. Learn from the “Ladies In Action” event!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

What was the last workshop, seminar or networking event you attended?

Most people go to these events to make new connections and to learn something new, however we often overlook how much work goes into event planning.

Harvest’s consulting team understands that it is critical to have an effective team working behind the scenes to make all the magic happen for the guests.

Ladies In Action has worked with Harvest consulting for the last six months and just recently held their second in person breakfast for the year. After a couple year break due to the worldwide pandemic, Ladies In Action has resurfaced more powerful than ever!


This time there is structure for the team. Here are some of the projects that we have worked on together:

  • Ladies In Action email, and social media accounts established

  • Cloud storage folders and files all tidy in Google Drive

  • Team Communication channels set up on Slack

  • Regular team touch base meetings held with recurring agenda

  • Roles and responsibilities clearly defined for each team member

  • Project management tool holds all active/pending projects and tasks

  • Marketing social media calendar created for all team members, vendors and volunteers.

Because all of those things were established for this lovely organization, they were able to focus more on the actual service these women provide, rather than running around hectic without a clear direction.

Ladies in Action is a community for women promoting connection and education.

Their mission is:We rise by lifting others, and awakening the leader within.

The breakfast events are open to all women in the community who want to connect with other women, learn valuable tools from presentations, and be a part of our community of women helping other women achieve their goals.

This last event we enjoyed:

  • Vendor floor featuring local businesses

  • Catered hot breakfast

  • Giveaways

  • Networking and connecting

  • Expert speaker Tony Child, the Clark Kent of personal development, presenting on why personal development doesn't work!

Harvest is so grateful to have been a part of the Ladies in Action breakfast.

All day people made comments like,

"I love the energy here."

"This is so much fun!"

"What an incredible message"

We saw some friends that have returned from last time, and others that became instant friends.

The Harvest team is growing and we are so excited and grateful for all of the businesses we get to support and work with.

Here were some of our greatest takeaways from the speech by Tony Childs, our guest speaker.

He brought up the quote from Albert Einstein that says, "The greatest decision you will ever make in your life is whether you live in a hostile or friendly universe.".

He continued by saying, there are three types of people when it comes to work:

1. Jobs

2. Careers

3. Calling

Have you found your calling?

We at Harvest are on the right track. Our main purpose is to help small business owners thrive. Because we believe that “All people can be wealthy as they follow the Law of the Harvest”

JOIN our exciting TEAM

If you want to GROW your BUSINESS and/or WEALTH, book an appointment here.

Hears to a fruitful HARVEST!

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