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Thrive Now!

Effective Systems Lead to Excellent Customer Experiences.

Become the leader your business needs so you can fulfill your promises to your new customers.

As a client in the HARVEST BUSINESS ACCELERATOR, you’ll receive a designated consultant and assistant to help build the structure you
and your business need to thrive. 

Listen to what people are saying...



In the HARVEST BUSINESS ACCELERATOR, you’ll receive support, guidance, and hands on assistance to build efficient systems that help you feel less scattered and more stable.


This program and our key systems help you achieve INBOX ZERO, live your CREATIVE LIFE FLOW, organize your CLOUD STORAGE, and set up effective PROJECT MANAGEMENT tools — all so you can have better experiences for your customers, team, and life.


  • Weekly Meeting with your Consultant

  • Work Week Text Messaging and/or Slack Support

  • Assigned two Harvest team members: Consultant & Assistant 

  • Twenty Hours of Harvest Team Work for You (per month), focused on results

  • Access to Harvest Consulting's courses and programs

  • Fast Track: Estimated Full Results in 3-4 Months.

PLUS!  You’ll receive one spot in the Accountability Cohort, either for yourself or a team member. The cohort is a bonus to being a client in our program.


  • Weekly One Hour Zoom Accountability Sessions with the Cohort​​​​

  • Each Individual Reports Progress & Questions

  • Metrics Scorecard (For Weekly Reporting at Session)

  • Weekly Action Step Assigned

  • Follow up and group conversations in Slack 

  • A Group of Motivated Business Owners with Vast Knowledge

  • Quarterly Celebration Meeting

Get bonus access to the Harvest library of systems and assets such as:

  • Video tutorials on efficient system implementations

  • Key role job descriptions

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

  • A list of trusted virtual assistant agencies

  • And much much more

Happy Family
  • Live your BEST LIFE without the stress and overwhelm

  • TRUST YOUR TEAM to do their part

  • Set yourself up for SUCCESS

  • Own YOUR LIFE!

  • Have safe and supportive boundaries with your business

  • Have your BUSINESS SUPPORT YOUR LIFE vs the other way around

  • Time block your day for an EFFECTIVE and FREEING workweek

  • Stop procrastinating the difficult tasks in your business

  • SIMPLIFY your life and see GREAT RESULTS

  • Transform complicated tasks into EASY, manageable, and ACHIEVABLE actions

  • Work though roadblocks and start to THRIVE!

Imagine if you could: 

The results you’ll get

Email Inbox Zero

Creative Work Flow

Christine's calendar Ideal week 2022-10-25 at 2.46.32 PM.png

Organized Cloud Storage

Efficient Project Management

Hiring & Onboarding Key Assistant

What our clients are saying


Use the COUPON: WINTERSALE1 for 25% off. 

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Valid until Dec. 15, 2023.

  • You're an action taker who wants your business to explode but keep putting off the projects that’ll get you there. 

  • You’ve read all the books, and attended all the events and know it’s time to implement and put it into action.

  • Your ability to sell is great but you’re afraid to sell in order to keep up with fulfillment.

  • You desire consistency, support and the structure to gain traction and are ready to designate funds to grow your business.

  • You’re super customer service oriented and want systems and fulfillment figured out so you can thrive.

  • You are READY NOW to invest in yourself as a leader and set up the systems to support your growth.


     Then the BUSINESS ACCELERATOR is for YOU! 

Does this sound like you?


Why you should hire a Consultant?

Instead of hiring a business manager, who you would need to pay a salary, benefits and keep on staff for over 1 year +, hire Harvest Consulting and get the structures and systems you need in place to operate with optimal efficiency.


You won’t have to provide benefits, or worry about sustaining that payroll expense long term. Let us come in and revitalize your business and tap into our management expertise at your convenience.

Take a load off your shoulders, we are here to support YOU!

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 7.01.24 PM.png

Your Consultant

Christine is the brain and heart behind Harvest Consulting. She takes the vision and creates a path from dream to reality. She sets up the structure so that everyone involved in the process knows “What’s Next?” Christine is our Business Operations expert. Christine is fascinated with transforming broken into beautiful through project management. 

Together we at Harvest Consulting continuously innovate to create more efficient business processes. We highly value the people in each business relationship.

Harvest Mission

We create structure for everyday leaders to empower themselves, their teams, and to establish healthy systems. This allows them the peace and freedom to live in their 'Zone of Genius'.

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