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One important step to take when you begin to offload tasks and projects to a team is to have a dedicated assistant. There are many agencies that can pair you with the right assistant for your needs.


Please email what you need your assistant to help with and she'll help you place an assistant from following agencies:

- Real Agent Helper

- Avila VA

- Outsourced Doers

- KBS Offshoring

Or another source more applicable to your needs. 



You want money to flow into your business, but you don't enjoy tracking it when it leaves? Let's be honest, when capital is managed well then it stays and grows. Hiring a bookkeeper is much more affordable than ever, you can hire them for a few hours a week or month. 

Email for an introduction to the right bookkeeper. Include what you need help tracking or managing regularly or if you need some help cleaning up your books.  


Legal Support

LegalShield is to the legal industry what healthcare is to the medical industry. Protect your family and business by accessing extremely affordable legal services.

Want to know more? Ask Christine,

Ready to protect your family and business?



Business Education

The world is different now and you don't need to spend four or more years of your life at a University in order to learn the basics necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. There are other education platforms that can help give you applicable tools rather than just the theory. 

Contact to be sent an introduction to various business education platforms and tools. Then you can pick the one that matches your learning style the best. 

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